ure-Na in Pediatrics

Urea and ure-Na for hyponatremia

As expected the majority of clinical data, guidelines and opinions on the use of urea and ure-Na for hyponatremia are in the adult population. That data can be found in the Physicians page of this site.

Pediatric dosing and guidance

Until recently there was no published dosing or guidance on the use of urea for hyponatremia due to SIADH in pediatrics.

The May 2021 AAP Pediatrics journal published a State of The Art Review titled:

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Links to Pediatric data on the use of urea for hyponatremia due to SIADH.

Oral urea for the treatment of Chronic syndrome of inappropriate antidiuresis in children. J Pediatri. 2006: Huang EA et al.

Urea as a safe treatment for hyponatremia due to syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone in infant with solitary central incisor and neurofibromatosis-1. J of Ped Endo and Met. Nov 24, 2022. Joy Cui et al.

A Pediatric Case of AVPR2-related Nephrogenic Syndrome of Innappropriate Antidiuresis. Child Kidney Disease 2020. Hyunwoo Bae MD et al.

Patients not appropriate for ure-Na

Please refer to the Physicians section for more information on patients not appropriate for ure-Na.

ure-Na: BUN and Serum Creatinine

Please see the Physicans section for more information on BUN and Serum Creatinine.

Inpatient access to ure-Na

Ure-Na is available in most American hospitals. If ure-Na is not available for inpatient use at the institutions where you round, please request Inpatient Pharmacy to conduct a review for addition to inpatient formulary.

Please direct Pharmacy to the Pharmacist section of for any pre-review questions or information they may need.

Discharging or initiating a patient on ure-Na

Ure-Na can be ordered from most retail pharmacies for next day arrival. Most retail pharmacies receive a daily shipment Monday - Friday from their pharmaceutical wholesalers where ure-Na is stocked.

We recommend the prescription or order for ure-Na includes the NDC # or UPC # so it can be found in the pharmacy ordering system.

NDC# 62530-0000-11

UPC# 862530000116

We recommend that a patient be discharged on two or three days worth of ure-Na. If a patient is discharged on a Friday, the next time most retail pharmacies will be able to get ure-Na will be Monday with their next wholesale delivery.

Ure-Na can also be ordered on this website or by calling 1-844-980-9933.
More information is available in the Buy ure-Na section of

Insurance Coverage

Ure-Na is often covered by Health Insurance under a patient's Medical Benefit (not pharmaceutical benefit) as enteral nutrition, enteral therapy or as a medically necessary food. Plans that cover are Managed Medicare (Medicare HMO, PPO and Advantage), Commercial and some Medicaid

While most of our patients are on ure-Na, for patients where affordability is an issue, we have a lower priced product that is stabilized and bulk packed, but is not flavor masked.

More information can be found at

Please see the Insurance section of this site for more information on insurance reimbursement options.

ure-Na ingredients

Ingredients in descending order: synthetically derived urea powder, natural flavors, maltodextrin, citric acid, calcium silicate, sucralose.

Calories in ure-Na

For some, especially people with diabetes the caloric content of ure-Na is important. Each sachet of ure-Na contains less than 15 calories. The calories are derived from the maltodextrin.